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We now have a roof on our Shed.

Our new shed is nearly ready and is in the grounds of Oversteps , Earls Cross Road, Dornoch.

If you would like to be involved just email Charles at  or go to our contact page for contact details. All welcome.

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Men's Sheds and Health

We have a Men's Shed in Dornoch and Embo


  1. Men’s Sheds are community run workshops  with a social area. Men’s Sheds are particularly popular with Men who may be retired or out of work. However anyone over 18yrs old is welcome. They are usually based in a workshop. The Men’s Shed is a place to:  · Work and relax · Pursue Hobbies and pastimes · Share skills · Have a cuppa and a blether · Get out of the house for a while · Get practical help with your projects. Improve your health wellbeing.    

What happens in a Men's Shed?


You can repair and make things, or just drop in for  a cuppa and a blether. Sheds are informal, you will find men having a laugh and working on various projects in between frequent tea breaks.   You can use the workshops or just chat, read the paper play cards. There are no set activities, for example woodwork, model engineering. cards, darts are all popular in men’s Sheds.  

Find out more about sheds from the Scottish Men's Shed Association


Have a look at the Scottish Mens Shed Association website.

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Why Men's Sheds??????


A Men’s Shed is a place where a man who has time on his hands can go to make things, use tools, relax and make friends.Men’s Sheds are designed to appeal to men in ways which traditional “community groups” don’t. Men generally like to get involved in practical tasks and get to know people by working alongside them, rather than sitting down face to face. Men’s Sheds feel familiar and welcoming.Men’s Sheds usually have a social area and workshop area. Ideally, they will also have a kitchen where food preparation and cooking and can be learnt.Men’s Sheds are not just for men who like DIY and woodwork. There is usually space to try arts & craft activities as well as board games, computing, cooking and reading.An important ethos in Men’s Sheds is that men pursue their own interests and choose what they want to do. Self-directed activity is more satisfying and fun.Many older men are keen to use their life-learned skills & experience. They may find retirement boring or find that they miss the banter of the workplace. Men tend to rely heavily on their job for social contact. When this ends, they miss their old friendships, but have few opportunities to make new friends.Older men have a wealth of experience, stories and knowledge to share. Men’s Sheds provide a place for this to happen.Younger men benefit from the chance to be shown new skills as well as exchanging their own knowledge of more modern technology or culture.Many people imagine that Men’s Sheds are all based in wooden huts. However they take place in a variety of settings; industrial units, community centres, Portakabins, shop units and shipping containers.

There is general agreement that having your own dedicated premises is better than sharing a space.On a deeper level, Men’s Sheds provide acceptance, a sense of purpose, increased well being and improved Mens' health.

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